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Appealing By Post

Appealing by Post to the Independent Appeals Service

(Please see www.theIAS.org for more information)

Postal Appeals Procedure
These forms have been provided by the IAS for use when lodging an appeal by post as an alternative to appealing online. Where the online service is not used you MUST use these forms. If they are not completed fully or if the parking operator has not indicated to you that you can appeal to the IAS then the IAS WILL NOT be able to process your appeal.

Important! – The forms marked * can only be completed by the appellant - NOT a Representative.

IAS 1 – Registration and Intent to Appeal
IAS 2 – Non-Standard Appeal, Payment and Declaration*
IAS 3 – Substantive Appeal
IAS 4 – Appointment of Representative*

How to Appeal:

  1. First; establish whether you are entitled to appeal and, if so, which appeals process your appeal will follow; the Standard or Non-Standard Appeals process and familiarize yourself with the appropriate Arbitration Rules. Full details can be found at www.theIAS.org or upon request by emailing ADR@theIAS.org.

  2. Fully complete the ‘Registration of Applicant and Intent to Appeal Form’.

    If you are appointing a representative to deal with matters on your behalf then you will need to complete the ‘Appoint a Representative’ form. Your appointed representative will then be able to act on your behalf unless and until you cancel their appointment. If you wish to cancel their appointment then this can be done in writing or online. Representatives may be appointed at any time during the Arbitration process.

  3. Once you have submitted your Initial Appeal, the operator has 5 working days to submit the evidence against you. Once this has been provided to the IAS, you will be forwarded the same either by email or post.

  4. Once you have received the evidence from the parking operator you are provided with 5 working days to submit your substantive appeal. To do this you must complete the ‘Substantive Appeal’ form and return it, properly completed, along with all of the evidence that you want to rely upon to the IAS.

  5. IAS forms must be submitted to:

    The IAS, PO Box 662, Macclesfield, SK10 9NR

    Where you have been given a time limit within which to apply to the IAS, you must ensure that the ‘Registration of Applicant and Intent to Appeal’ form is received by the IAS within this timeframe in order for your appeal to be processed. We recommend sending all information using Recorded Delivery.

    You, or your appointed representative, will be notified by email (or by post where an email address is not provided) at each stage of the appeals process. Where notifications are provided by post, all applicable time limits AFTER the Initial Complaint has been lodged will be extended by 5 working days to allow for the postal exchange of information. Otherwise the normal Rules and time limits for Arbitration will apply.

    Where the IAS sends evidence to you through the post, items are deemed to be served 2 working days after posting. You are advised to familiarize yourself with the time frames applicable to the appeal scheme you are following. If you believe that you should have received information from the IAS, but you have not, you should contact us as soon as possible as where a time limit is not adhered to it may have an adverse impact on your appeal which may not be able to be remedied after the event.

    The IAS assumes no responsibility for items which are misplaced in the postal system or any repercussions this may cause.