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User Guide - Appealing a Parking Charge

Appeal Conditions

  • User guide to explain when people can appeal, for example only after they've appealed to the operator. Pinch some text from elsewhere on the IAS site.
  • The following guide will explain the conditions you have to meet to be able to launch an appeal with the IAS.
  • The IAS will not consider appeals in the following circumstances:
    1. Where you have not attempted to resolve the dispute directly with the Operator.
    2. Where another ADR entity or a court has already begun to deal with the matter.
    3. Where the appeal is considered to be vexatious.
    4. Where dealing with such a type of dispute would seriously impair the effective operation of the IAS.
    5. Where the parking charge was imposed more than 12 months ago.
  • You can appeal using the IAS if you apply to the following conditions;
    • You are the person or the representative that has been given the parking charge.
    • The parking operator has to be willing to take part in the IAS scheme. 
    • You've had to make an appeal to the operator in accordance with their internal procedures.
    • You have to be able to lodge an appeal with the IAS within 12 months of your appeal to the operator being rejected.
    • You have to be able to lodge an appeal with the IAS within 21 days of your appeal to the operator being rejected? 

  • If you meet the required conditions then you are able to launch an appeal using the IAS.