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User Guide - Appealing a Parking Charge

Starting Your Appeal

  • To start your appeal with the IAS. You will need your parking charge number and vehicle registration number.
  • When you have these details you will need to navigate to the Appeal page. You do this by clicking on Appeal within the links bar at the top of your page.
  • When you're at this page you will need to enter your parking charge number, vehicle registration number and then click Start Appeal.
  • If your details have been successfully found in our system, you'll get a dialogue box stating so which you'll be able to see an example of in the image below.

    Otherwise, the dialogue box will state that either your details can't be found, and what you need to do in that case or that the timeframe for appealing the particular PCN has expired.
  • Once your PCN has been found, you'll need to either register your details or login so that we know who to contact regarding your appeal.

    You may click 'Next' below to read about registering. If you already have an account, you may skip the next article and continue to 'Entering Motorist Details'.