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User Guide - Appealing a Parking Charge

Entering Your Appeal

  • You'll now be taken to a screen where you'll enter your appeal content.

    Please type your appeal into the field.
  • You also have the ability to upload evidence to support your appeal. This can be in the form of documents and photographs. Click 'Add File' to browse your computer for the files you wish to upload. You may upload more than one file. It's recommended after uploading each file to click on each file you've uploaded (they'll appear in blue under the 'Add File' button) to make sure they've uploaded correctly. It is your own responsibility to check this as we can't intervene in appeals where a mistake has been made.
  • Once you've completed all of the information and evidence you may click 'Submit Appeal'.

    You'll be shown a dialogue box asking you to confirm each section of text on the screen. You won't be able to continue unless you do this as the text makes up part of our terms and conditions for appealing.

    Once all tick boxes are checked, the 'Submit Appeal' button will no longer be greyed out and will become clickable. Click 'Submit Appeal' to finish.
  • Your appeal will now be submitted. The operator will now upload their information and evidence in relation to the charge. Once this has been done you'll receive a notification so that you can respond to the operators claims. You can read about responding to the operators claims here.

    It is recommended to check your emails daily and also to log back onto the appeals system from time to time to reduce the risk of missing any notifications. You can read about logging back in and checking on your appeal here.