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User Guide - Appealing a Parking Charge

Responding to The Operator

  • Once you've received notification that the operator has uploaded their Prima Facie Case, you may log back in to make your response. If you're unsure about logging back in and getting back to your appeal, please see the article here.
  • Once you're on the page of your appeal, you'll be presented with the Operators Prima Facie Case. This should include any information as to why the Operator claims you are liable for the parking charge. It is up to you to prove that you are not.
  • At this stage you have one of two options.
    • Make a response to the Operators claims and evidence. If you feel that you counter the operators claims you may respond back outlining your reasons, and including any more evidence that may be appropriate. If you do this the Operator will have another chance to either respond again, or pass the case straight onto the independent adjudicator.

    • Send the case straight to Arbitration. If you feel that you've given enough information and evidence already, and don't have anything else to add, you may choose this option to send the case straight onto the adjudicator. If you do this, yourself and the Operator won't be able to add any more information or evidence.

    If you start typing a response into the textbox, the Arbitration button will not be clickable as you can't send the case straight to Arbitration AND file a response.
  • After typing a response and clicking 'Submit Response' OR sending the case straight to Arbitration, you'll be shown a dialogue box asking you to confirm each section of text on the screen. You won't be able to continue unless you do this as the text makes up part of our terms and conditions for appealing.

    Once all tick boxes are checked, the button to continue will no longer be greyed out and will become clickable. Click the button to continue.
  • If you've decided to respond to the Operator's claims, depending on how the Operator proceeds you may have another chance to make more responses, or the case may go to the adjudicator. On each case, you'll again be notified by email when anything happens regarding your appeal.