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Still have questions before appealing? We recommend that you read the FAQs page to make the appeal process clearer.

Important Note regarding payment of charges and appeals

The Standard Appeals Service is available to recipients of parking charges and notices of unpaid tariffs issued by the International Parking Community's Accredited Operator Scheme members.

However; the operator may withdraw from a Standard Appeal or refuse to offer the ability to appeal to the IAS if you pay the charge.

If you want to pay the charge AND appeal, then you should contact the parking operator to see whether they will still engage with the appeals process.

Do not pay and assume that your appeal will still be considered.

Please Note

The IAS is a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution entity. You may use this service if you have been advised by a parking operator that they will engage with it. If you consider that you should be able to use the service but are unable to; please contact the operator that issued the charge to you who will be able to advise you.

Please also refer to the Can I Appeal flow chart.